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Business Marketing Solutions Group is a Charlotte, NC-based marketing firm dedicated to its customers.

We care about every detail. Our goal is to make our clients satisfied with their projects.

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Business Marketing Solutions Group is a dynamic team of certified digital marketing professionals and home of The Tailored Marketing Solution.


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Presence Creation


Logo Development

Website Development

Brand Congruency

Positoning/Ideal Customer Profile

Brand Launch


Prospect Designing

Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

ROI-Based Strategies

Pipeline Structuring

Email Automation/Newsletter

New Customer Acquisition

Lead-Driven Content

Brand Recognition

Social Media Management

Resource Creation

Platform Targeting

Public Relations

Network Scheduling

At Business Marketing Solutions Group, we provide businesses a custom and tailored solution to expanding their online presence to reflect their unique industry and location. We get you found, recognized, and ultimately chosen by your ideal customer.

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  • Research and provide our feedback on potential opportunities
  • Counsel you on the service options that are we believe are the best for your specific objectives within your budget

It's your brand. Make your marketing strategy work for you.

Opportunity Discovery

Competitive Analysis

Unknown Market Research

Direction Shift

Market Disruption

Product Introduction and Penetration


SEO Campaigning

Backlink Building

SEO Analysis

Professional Blog and Guest Blogging

Website Improvement

On-Site SEO

Local/National Strategies

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